Chiba Gloves for a good grip when mountaineering and climbing


Bike summer

Bicycle gloves not only protect your hand when falling, but also give you a better grip, increase the comfort and make your ride more enjoyable. Chiba BioXcell prevents the hand from getting numb



Blisters or Calluses are side effects of intensive training.

If you do not want them you can protect your hands with gloves


Chiba sports gloves – a class of its own

Today Chiba belongs to the leading manufacturers of high-quality gloves and is represented worldwide with a wide product range. Chiba gloves are appreciated by top and professional athletes in all areas of sport. But also fashionable ladies gloves, children gloves, mittens, leather gloves and work gloves belong to the Chiba range.

Whether you are looking for gloves with functionality, winter gloves or fitness gloves: at Chiba you receive quality products characterized by the best materials, careful processing and optimal fit, so that you always have a good grip, warm , mobile and perfectly protected hands, whatever you plan to do. If you buy gloves from Chiba, you will already feel the quality advantage when you put them on.


More than 160 years ago Chiba was appointed by the Austrian emperor to be the supplier of gloves for the imperial family due to the high quality of their products and their skills.

about Chiba Gloves


Gel Padding, Pull off aid, double seams, robustness and anatomical construction. Know-How out of more than 160 years of glove manufacturing – tested by some of the best athletes.



CarbonX does not ignite, nor burn, melt or
Shrinks when exposed to intense flames, molten metal or arcs.


Paragliding and flying

Chiba flying gloves are made with conductive fingers and thumbs to operate touch sensitive instruments.


Bike winter

Especially when the weather is cold and wet, special care should be taken that your gloves ensure a good grip.


Chiba glove variety: For cyclists, winter sport, fitness and many more

In general Chiba produces gloves for every activity where protected, pleasant warm and dexterous fingers in every weather are needed:

For cyclists and mountain bikers:

  • Biking Gloves
  • Racing Gloves
  • MTB Gloves
  • Men’s Gloves
  • Women’s Gloves
  • Gloves for childen

For general sports,
Fitness, horse riding:

  • Fitness Gloves
  • Gloves for weight lifting
  • Gloves for sports
  • Riding Gloves
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Aviator Gloves

For winter sports fans, skiers, cross-country skiers, freeriders:

  • Ski Gloves
  • Cross country Gloves
  • Lined Gloves
  • Heatable Gloves
  • Gloves for cold weather
  • Snow Gloves
  • Outdoor Gloves

Gloves for

  • Gloves for daily use
  • Sports Gloves for wheelchair users

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