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Get out in the fresh air, feel the wind in your face! Cycling is a hobby for everyone! No matter if you are one of those leisurely cyclists, who simply want to travel the kilometers and simply enjoy the outdoors, or the athletes who want to feel the adrenaline in their bodies while mountain biking or downhill skiing – choosing the right gloves is crucial for an optimal driving experience. For every application we supply the suitable gloves – the Chiba cycling gloves!

Our cycling gloves for men and women are tailored to your specific needs. Our assortment ranges from children’s cycling gloves to MTB gloves and racing bike gloves.

The perfect grip, the optimal fit and the use of the right materials are crucial here. We use only materials that convince us through many years of experience and expert opinions, such as the elastic and well-ventilated solar material, which despite complete coverage doesn’t stand in the way of the tanning of the hand. Our cycling gloves are manufactured according to ergonomic criteria and score with their optimal resistance, breathable materials and good protection, so that youare optimally protected even in the case of a fall.

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Aber unser Produktsortiment umfasst selbstverständlich noch viel mehr. Damit Sie bei der sommerlichen Radtour nicht zu sehr schwitzen, sorgen unsere Kurzfingerhandschuhe dafür, dass Ihre Hände stets optimal durchlüftet sind.

Anyone who thinks that cycling is a sport that only makes fun in bright sunshine and temperatures over 20 degrees, was far from it! Even in winter, in the cold and possibly even in snow, cycling is a pleasure, and maybe even a new experience. Chiba winter cycling gloves are specially adapted to these needs and ensure that your hands remain warm, even in cold weather. Our special fleece cycling gloves or our heated cycling gloves are also ideal companions for a winter cycling tour.

After a long bike ride the cycling glove has done a lot and you can see it sometimes! Inevitably, he comes in caontact with hand cream, sunscreen and sweat. That’s why we’ve made sure that all our gloves are easy to wash and clean, so the next bike ride can start with fresh gear.

A cycling glove is a constant companion and it is impossible to imagine cycling without it anymore. It is all the more important to inform exactly exactly when looking for the right cycling gloves. Browse the Internet and get advice from experts on site.

Das müssen Sie beim Online-Kauf beachten:
  • Where to buy cycling gloves?
  • Why wear cycling gloves?
  • What are special Fitness-gloves?
  • Which cycling gloves keep your hands realyl warm?
  • Why wear cycling gloves during strength training, too?

At a specialist retailer this quickly results a recommendation that meets your individual requirements and needs.

No matter whether you choose one of our entry-level models or one of our professional models, you will receive a product from our own manufacturing facility where we put great importance to the best workmanship, materials and quality. Chiba gloves are made by hand to a large extent, so that we always meet our high quality requirements.

So browse through our current Chiba cycling gloves collection. Different colors and different glove sizes are available. Compare models, variants and cuts to end up wearing your ideal cycling glove on your hands.

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