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Training with Chiba fitness gloves provides lots of advantages: More grip, safe support for the wrist, hygiene. Chiba fitness gloves convince by their fit, durability and look.

Fitness centres are booming – every year, the number of active members in the studios increases and beside the classical machine training more and more different fitness equipment find their way into the sportive centres. TRX, Power-Bar, Spinning – but also the barbell bar are more and more often integrated into the personal training plans. And just for this purpose you will find the right equipment with us: Chiba fitness gloves.

Our fitness gloves are specifically developed for the requirement, which counts for the fitness training.

Optimum grip, high stability and a fit that perfectly protects the hands also during intensive training. We only use proven materials which are resistant, long durable, breathable and supple. Our fitness gloves for men and women are manufactured according to ergonomic points of view and protect, support and provide grip for all training sessions, by which you improve your fitness.

Our product range of Chiba fitness gloves includes:
  • Fitness gloves Men
  • Fitness gloves Women
  • Fitness gloves with wrist protection
  • Fitness gloves closed
  • Fitness gloves for children
  • Fitness gloves with lifting hooks
  • Fitness gloves made of leather
  • Fitness gloves with gel
  • Fitness gloves for pull-ups
  • Fitness gloves without fingers

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But, of course, the range of products includes much more. No matter how different everyone organises his fitness program, so different the modern fitness centres also present themselves:

Beside more and more special equipment for all muscle groups, the offer of mobile individual equipment will also become more comprehensive. For a training with one’s own body weight, exercises to improve the balance as well as special equipment for the use of the low-lying core muscles. But no matter which device you are using, a good grip, the continuous blood circulation of the hands as well as last but not least hygienic aspects are those which we take into consideration for the development of the Chiba fitness gloves.

Everyone who regularly exercises in the fitness centres knows how important hygiene would be. Since with each exercise you train with or on the equipment, which another sweating sportsman has used shortly before. And there is also a good feeling that you do not need to touch surfaces which are impinged with sweat, sports cream or cleaning agents with bare hands. By the way, we ensure that all our gloves are easy to wash and clean. Therefore, you will always have a “freshness advantage” in the sports bag when you go to your training session.

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Makes even the hardest workout a pleasure

Chiba Fitness Glove Lady Air

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For a particularly effective training

Chiba Classic Fitness Glove

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Before you decide to purchase a pair of Chiba fitness gloves, which exactly matches your requirements, you should take your time to try them on

Test different systems: Fitness gloves with bandage, fitness gloves with hooks, Outdoor fitness gloves, fitness gloves with loops or pads, fitness gloves with or without fingers. In any case, a sound purchase advice is important for your fitness gloves.

Our long-term trading partners are specialised in this kind of advice and will consider with you all aspects which are important when purchasing or for a later online purchase for more fun and performance in the centre. With the answers to the questions on the right, you will rapidly get a recommendation in the specialised trade, which will be right for your requirements and will render you even more fun and success in your exercise

If you decide for an entry-level model or for our professional fitness gloves: Your will receive a product of our own production, for which we only use chosen materials and which we produce with utmost care. Our gloves are produced involving a high amount of manual work and during production we also do not leave anything to chance.

Therefore, we wish you lots of fun with the current Chiba range of fitness gloves. Compare the different cuts, the great materials and the numerous practical details to one another and experience the diversity which you can only find in our range of products. Here you will find exactly the fitness gloves which perfectly match your exercise.

Important facts to buy:
  • The correct size of the fitness gloves
  • Cleaning fitness gloves
  • Advantages of fitness gloves with or without leather
  • Fitness gloves for long fingers
  • Difference between cycling gloves and fitness gloves
  • Which type of fitness gloves for which purpose?
  • Washable fitness gloves
  • Which kind of material for which kind of exercise

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